Maternity Ward Tour

Maternity Ward tour

Or as I called it “the tour for ‘normal’ people”.  I wasn’t thrilled to be going as for me it was a reminder of how NOT normal this all is.

However, it was very informative to a point – once Olivia is born, all the information they provided won’t apply to us.

The highlights:

  • They validate parking for the entire time you are in labor plus 2 days after for vag. delivery or 4 days for a c-section.
  • They have a TV and VCR in each labor room.
  • We were unable to view a post partum room as they were all full – to the point that some post partum moms were still in labor and delivery waiting for a bed to open up!  They were rescheduling scheduled inductions and c-sections due to how busy they were.
  • After the tour, we spoke one on one with the L&D nurse who gave us the tour to verify that we would NOT be rescheduled as our induction is a medical situation.
  • They allow up to 3 birth support people – you have to identify them when you check in.  So no party like last time.
  • The family waiting room is SO nice.  There are vending machines, a TV and multiple couches.  They will provide blankets and pillows for family that is waiting.
  • They will allow us to bring Maddie into the delivery room immediately following her birth to allow her to see Olivia prior to going down to the NICU.
  • They are a “baby friendly” hospital so they do not hand out formula or coupons or formula products. This is a HUGE bonus for us as I’m planning on nursing Olivia and realize we will definitely get the support we need while we’re in the hospital.

It was all very nice and we kept quiet about all of Olivia’s issues as to not scare the innocent people.  After the tour we spoke with the L&D nurse about our situation and she thanked us for not mentioning anything.

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