General thoughts regarding our first annual Little Hearts picnic

Here’s a copy of an email I sent to the President of the Little Hearts organization after Sunday’s picnic.


I can’t say Thank You enough for yesterday.

Driving in, I was quietly crying in the passenger seat – could I handle what I was about to see? This was our first time seeing “heart kids” live and in person and while we’ve seen pics on the internet, this was our first time being able to see them playing. Arnie described it to his parents the best “If you came across the group and didn’t know it was for CHD families – you NEVER would have known. We could have been any company picnic but it was more like a family reunion.”

It was so nice to be around people who didn’t look at us with pity – so often when we meet people and mention Olivia’s battles ahead, we get that “look”. All we received yesterday was love and support.

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful yesterday was – it allowed Arnie and I the ability to recharge our batteries for the battles that lie ahead. On Thursday we found out Olivia may have craniostenosis (sp?) – and we were both feeling pretty blue about everything. It was so nice to see all these beautiful kids running around looking so healthy and well. It gave us HOPE for Olivia again.

We came in at the same time as the Kennedy family. Ruth and I had been in touch a few times so we ate together and chatted. To see 5 month old Ewan (who also has pulmonary atresia and is going in for his Glenn in a few weeks) look SO GOOD – well, it just made us smile from ear to ear. Plus it was great to show Maddie Rose a baby with similar “boo boo’s” to Olivia’s. To show her that Olivia will be just like every other baby was such a blessing.

We were so thankful to run into Delys and Noel who are also expecting their first heart baby next month. Delys and I hugged so tight. It was like meeting an old friend, but one who knew exactly what we were feeling.

The only time I got choked up was when you were taking the pictures of Hope. It was very emotional but in a good way. To know that next year Olivia will be in the picture and will be looking as well as all these kids … what an inspiration.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot wait to see the pictures on the website!

With Love,

Arnie, Tricia, Maddie Rose (HH) and Olivia Ann (induction scheduled July 20th, PA, Unbalanced AV Canals)

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