Notes from Level II ultrasound

We met with Denise (technician) and Dr. Feldman. Olivia’s legs are measuring 34 weeks. Her arms were around 31+ weeks. They estimate her weight to be around 4lbs, 3 oz.

Dr. Feldman is concerned about Olivia’s head which looked slightly abnormal. Possible early bone fusion – temples may be pushed in slightly. The name of the disorder is craniosynostosis (sp). Dr. Feldman said it may be nothing – could be something we wouldn’t even notice. But most importantly, it’s not serious and is 100% correctable. Just something new to add to the list.

Dr. Feldman recommended that we start doing NonStress Tests (NST) weekly. She was concerned about the swelling in my feet and called Dr. Cortland to give her a heads up.

We ran into Dr. Heller (Olivia’s cardiologist) on the way out – she was coming in. She is just so nice and it’s so reassuring to see her.

I am scheduled for one more appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Group on July 1 at 2:30pm.

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