My girlfriend Lori from my mother’s group is in Walt Disney World this week with her family. Last night they were at Magic Kingdom watching the fireworks show which is titled “Wishes”. She sent this to me this morning:

Tricia, every now and then my husband does something that melts my heart. Tonight was one of those times. When we were walking out of the Magic Kingdom he asked “your friend who is pregnant with the baby who will need heart surgery, she’s one of the Disney gals, right?” I said, yeah, that’s Tricia, why? He asked what’s her name (meaning baby)? I told him Olivia and he said “well, you can tell her my wish (as in Wishes, the show) is that sometime next year that they can bring a healthy, happy Olivia here to see the show for herself.

It’s our wish too. Ours too.

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