Appointment with Dr. Cluett (23.5 weeks pregnant)

Appointment went very well. Blood pressure 114/60. Olivia’s heartbeat was 145 bpm. I am measuring 26 cm.

We discussed induction at Hartford Hospital. Dr. Cluett has delivery rights there, but 99.99% of her patients deliver at Bristol Hospital. As she’s not in a group practice, it would be complicated for her to be in both places at once. Based on this, she feels it would be best for the Fetal Maternity Group up at Hartford Hospital to handle my delivery. But Dr. Cluett is willing to handle all weight / blood pressure checkups in between.

Rachel will schedule an appointment for me and let me know when.

We discussed the Sibling class for Maddie Rose. She feels it would be better at Bristol Hospital as it’s a smaller group. Maddie Rose can bring along her favorite doll (aka Piglet, I’m sure) and they’ll show her how to diaper and hold the baby. I’m going to call to find out when the classes are held.

Diabetes test will be scheduled for 28 weeks.

I expressed some concern about Olivia’s lack of movements. Sure enough, as soon as I mentioned that, she’s been a wiggle worm all day. It could be that I don’t notice her movements as much on the weekends when we’re very busy.

Olivia’s still breech. Hopefully she turns and stays put. I’d prefer a “natural” delivery versus a c-section. But I’ll do what is best for my princess.

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